Adrian Beltre ejected for hilarious antics in on-deck circle

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Even ’s ejections are high entertainment. The third baseman was tossed from Wednesday’s 22-10 loss to the , not for arguing balls and strikes, and certainly not for charging the pitcher’s mound.

wholesale team baseball jerseys Instead, Beltre was ejected by second base umpire Gerry Davis when he physically moved the on-deck circle, rather than following instructions to get back in the on-deck circle.

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The hilarious scene played out during the eighth inning. The game was already decided at that point, and Beltre was obviously in a playful mood. Unfortunately, Davis didn’t quite see the humor, so he Beltre to the showers while unintentionally making himself look like a fun ruiner worthy of consideration to be NFL Commissioner.

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There are many reasons Adrian Beltre Jerseys is among the most beloved baseball players of this generation. The fact he doesn’t take himself seriously is high on that list. This is just another classic example of how Beltre prioritizes fun, often at his own expense, cheap jersey in a game that can wear you out mentally, particularly when you’re losing by more than 12 runs.

new york giants baseball vintage shirt It should be noted that Marlins pitcher Drew Steckenrider never asked to have Beltre moved. It was well within his rights to do so if Beltre was causing a bother, but apparently he wasn’t in the pitcher’s peripheral vision.

wholesale jerseys from china This was entirely Davis’ call, and in the sense that he’s “doing his job” it was the right call. He has player safety to think of. He’s there to enforce the rules and keep the game moving, not make friends.

wholesale team baseball jerseys Adrian Beltre Jerseys moves the on-deck circle while umpire Gerry Davis looks on. (MLB)MoreBut at the same time, he should be able to read a situation too. Given Beltre’s reputation and the fact that he’s nearing history, it doesn’t seem like much to ask for a some leeway. That’s why Rangers manager Jeff Banister was quick to defend his star, earning himself an ejection in the process.

The history we speak of is 3,000 hits. With his 3-for-3 performance on Wednesday night, Beltre is now four hits away from that magical milestone. It’s possibly he would have another two at-bats in this game, potentially dropping that number to two.

The good news is with six more games on the home stand, the only things that could stop Beltre from reaching the milestone at Globe Life Park would be a trade ahead of Monday’s deadline or several more ejections. All of the above is possible, but none seems likely, meaning a truly memorable moment for Beltre and the Rangers is only days away.