Brewers pitcher tagged by Nats for six homers in historically bad start

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To say things have not gone well lately for the would be an understatement. After leading the National League Central by five-and-a-half games at the All-Star break, the team has gone just 4-8, allowing the Chicago Cubs Jerseys to overtake them for the division lead.

wholesale baseball distributors If you thought things couldn’t get any worse … well, you were wrong.

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Thursday’s game against the saw the Brewers not just struggle, but turn in some historically awful numbers.

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The Nationals began their assault against Brewers pitcher Michael Blazek Jerseys, who was only starting because was sidelined with a leg injury.

mlb teams getting new uniforms in 2015 Blazek’s spot start was a disaster almost immediately. In the first inning, belted a two-run homer to put the Nationals on the board. He must have felt well-rested after Wednesday’s ejection.

wholesale jerseys In the third inning, Blazek’s start reached historical levels. After a leadoff walk to pitcher Max Scherzer Jerseys, Blazek gave up a two-run homer to . then stepped to the plate and added to the fun, hitting a home run. That brought up Harper again, who added his second home run of the game.

wholesale baseball distributors After giving up back-to-back-to-back home runs, Blazek was visited on the mound by pitching coach Derek Johnson. That didn’t seem to calm him down. The next hitter, , also homered. The Nationals had now gone back-to-back-to-back-to-back. They hit four home runs in a row. That tied a Major League Baseball record.

It was not a great day for Brewers starter Michael Blazek Jerseys. then came up to the plate next … and flew out to center, ending the Nationals ridiculous streak.

But the inning wasn’t over just yet. smacked a solo shot off Blazek to give Washington five home runs in one inning. That was the final straw for Blazek. He was taken out of the game after Rendon’s blast.

Blazek did manage to set a record before he was removed, though. He’s the first pitcher to ever give up five home runs in a single inning. There’s not really a way to spin that into a positive, but if you’re really trying …

Negative: Blazek sets record, allows 5 HRs in 1 inning.

Positive: Blazek breaks mark held by Randy Johnson, John Smoltz, .

The Nationals didn’t let up after Blazek left the game. In the fourth inning, Zimmerman and homered to give the club eight long balls in just four innings. That set a Nationals’ team record.

The #Nats just set a team record for most HRs in a game.

Keep in mind, they managed that in just four innings! The MLB record for most home runs in a game is 10.

By the end of the fourth, the Nationals led 15-1. It’s safe to say they were feeling pretty good about their performance at that point.

The flip side of that, of course, is that Brewers fans were irate. Yes, that includes Kato Kaelin, who has emerged as the team’s most popular superfan and biggest hater in the course of a week.

After calling the team “PUKEPUKE” a week ago, let’s check in on Kaelin during Thursday’s game:

Blazek isn’t @MLB pitcher. Quit dude! U will NEVER recover @Brewers – I’m out of here twitter! Flies wouldn’t even gather around this cheap jersey team

Yeah, that’s about what we expected.

The Brewers did manage to score one more run, but still wound up losing 15-2.