Chris Christie angrily confronts Cubs fan to call him ‘a big shot’

admin   December 10, 2017   Comments Off on Chris Christie angrily confronts Cubs fan to call him ‘a big shot’

If Chris Christie is going to go into sports talk once his political career ends, he’s going to need some tougher skin. While attending Sunday’s game, Christie angrily confronted a fan, getting within inches of his face.

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The fan in the video, Brad Joseph, told WISN that Christie confronted him after he told the New Jersey governor he “sucked,” and called him a “hypocrite.” Christie initially asked the fan if he needed another beer before calling him a big shot.

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Still, it’s not a great look for someone who handles tough situations every day and is supposed to be calm and composed under fire. You can hear Christie call the man a “big shot” sarcastically before he walks away.

vanderbilt throwback baseball uniforms The Cubs won the contest 4-2.

cheap jerseys from china Chris Christie confronted a fan Sunday. (Screenshot via @BennyHutch on Twitter)MoreChristie hasn’t had a lot of luck recently at baseball games. He was booed mercilessly after catching a foul ball at a game in mid-July.

cheap baseball jerseys wholesale With this incident, it’s fair to say Christie’s transition to the sports world hasn’t been smooth. He sat in for Mike Francesa on WFAN about a week before the Mets game and was called a “bully” and a “fat-ass.”

After this experience, Christie might want to consider a more relaxing way to spend his Sundays. We hear the beach is nice this time of year.