Curtis Granderson really didn’t want Lucas Duda to leave the Mets

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Late July can be a stressful time for baseball players. The threat of a trade is lurking around every corner, and almost no one is safe. Players who are traded have to leave and get used to a whole new team. Players who were left behind have to get used to one of their teammates just not being there anymore.

Buster Posey Jersey #28 was feeling that stress — and maybe every emotion all at once — when he heard his teammate had been traded to the . And we saw how he dealt with that stress in this Instagram video.

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Okay, that’s seriously adorable.

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That post comes from the world famous We Follow Lucas Duda Jerseys Instagram account. It was created back in 2015 by Granderson and former Mets John Mayberry Jr. and Danny Muno, and it’s essentially a Duda fan account, chronicling the mundane events of his life that are also somehow weirdly hilarious. Since Mayberry and Muno have left the Mets it’s been run by Granderson alone, but that might also be coming to an end — unless one of Duda’s new Rays teammates wants to take it over.

Limited Buster Posey Jersey But if cheap jersey that’s the end of We Follow Lucas Duda Jerseys, it was the perfect final post. So why don’t we take a look back at some of its greatest hits and relive the best moments?

cheap sports jerseys Someone doesn’t always like his life being documented. And that someone is Lucas Duda Jerseys.

Buster Posey Jersey #28 Duda also doesn’t like to be recorded when he’s eating.

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The offseason didn’t stop Granderson from creating new Duda-themed videos. Now that’s dedication.

Lucas Duda Jerseys: passionate eater of donuts.

One person who might be glad this account is coming to an end? Lucas Duda Jerseys. It’s hard not to notice how many of those Instagram videos end with him coming after Granderson with a bat or threatening the phone with water. Will one of Duda’s new teammates in Tampa Bay be willing to risk life and limb to follow “The Duda Man?” We’ll just have to wait and see.