Danny Tartabull arrested for violating parole after he called cops

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Danny Tartabull was finally arrested by police Wednesday after more than five years on the run. The former and outfielder was caught after he called the cops, according to TMZ.

Ian Gardeck Jersey #75 Tartabull wasn’t calling police to turn himself in, though. He was calling them to report that someone broke into his car. Cops ran his name when they arrived at the scene and realized there was a warrant out for Tartabull’s arrest.

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That warrant goes all the way back to 2011, when Tartabull was found to have owed $275,000 in child support. He was placed on probation as part of his punishment, but violated it in 2012. At that point, Tartabull was sentenced to 180 days in jail.

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He never turned himself in, and that’s when the warrant was issued.

Limited Ian Gardeck Jersey For five years, Tartabull was able to lay low and avoid capture. It wasn’t until this colossal slip up that police were able to find and catch him.

wholesale sports jerseys It’s a plot straight out of a movie by the Coen cheap jersey brothers. Tartabull plays the role of the bumbling criminal who somehow fails his way to success. In the end, his dumb mistake is the thing that leads to his downfall.

Ian Gardeck Jersey #75 Tartabull is slated to meet with a judge Wednesday. His lawyer told TMZ he is working to get Tartabull released, and that the former outfielder has a good relationship with his children.