The Dodgers are commanding World Series favorites after Yu Darvish trade

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Surprise, surprise — people are hopping on the Los Angeles Dodgers Jerseys World Series bandwagon the day after the MLB trade deadline. It was the Dodgers who made the splashiest move, of course, trading for starter Yu Darvish Jerseys, an addition that should make their pitching staff even more daunting in the months ahead.

Joan Gregorio Jersey #67 As proof, consider the latest World Series odds released cheap jersey on Tuesday by online sportsbook Bovada.

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The Dodgers were atop Bovada’s list at the start of July, with 5/1 odds, but their strong showing in July combined with their trade-deadline fireworks now have the Dodgers at 11/4 (which would be 2.75-1, if you want common denominators).

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Here’s the entire list from Bovada: Los Angeles Dodgers Jerseys — 11/4 — 9/2 — 7/1 Washington Nationals Jerseys — 7/1 Boston Red Sox Jerseys — 15/2 Cleveland Indians Jerseys — 8/1 — 9/1 Arizona Diamondbacks Jerseys — 25/1 Kansas City Royals Jerseys — 25/1 — 33/1 Milwaukee Brewers Jerseys — 50/1 — 66/1 Seattle Mariners Jerseys — 66/1 St. Louis Cardinals Jerseys — 66/1 Tampa Bay Rays Jerseys — 66/1 Minnesota Twins Jerseys — 75/1 Toronto Blue Jays Jerseys — 100/1 Baltimore Orioles Jerseys — 150/1 — 150/1 Texas Rangers Jerseys — 150/1 Atlanta Braves Jerseys — 200/1 Detroit Tigers Jerseys — 200/1 — 200/1 Miami Marlins Jerseys — 500/1 Chicago White Sox Jerseys — Off the Board Cincinnati Reds Jerseys — Off the Board — Off the Board — Off the Board — Off the Board San Francisco Giants Jerseys — Off the Board

Limited Joan Gregorio Jersey The Dodgers have plenty to celebrate these days. Odds are odds, so take them for what you will.

cheap jerseys authentic The Dodgers need to vanquish postseason ghosts more than they need to be at the top of an online sportsbook’s list.

Joan Gregorio Jersey #67 For what it’s worth: They Dodgers have better World Series odds at this point, than the Chicago Cubs Jerseys (7-2) did last year.